Man Up White Boy

All too often, I’ll see a fellow straight white male make some misogynistic or racist comment.   In my circles, the comment is rarely extreme, and mostly just lame.  Things on the level of “That’s what she said” jokes, “there are more black males in prison than college”, and “illegal immigrants are stealing our jobs and taxes.”  They act all surprised when these statements irk others, in particular the category of person they are commenting on.  “Wait, wha, I’m just jokin’.  It’s just an opinion.  Why’s everyone so politically correct, man.  I get discriminated against too!”  So sad to be a straight white male, everyone up in their grill.

I wish my kind could be black for a day, or a women, or any other thing but straight, male and white.

It would be a great experience for the privileged white male.  Maybe, it would impart what it’s like to be in a constant invisible straitjacket.   Maybe it would create some innovative ideas on how to address the issue, or at the very least, inculcate a sense of responsibility for the whole situation.

Case in point, a sizable portion of the Caucasian netizen will read the words “privileged white male” and think, “I’m not privileged.”  I got news for ya, it’s your show buddy.  By every possible metric you can imagine, you are privileged.   I know, you didn’t ask to be born white and male, it can’t be your fault.  That’s not how it works.  You don’t get to skirt responsibility because you have no blame.  It’s your “unfortunate” curse.

No one is going to fix this problem but you.  Do whatever it takes, even if it interferes with your standards.  Prefer women and minority hires always  as there is a never ending supply of unfairly advantaged white boys to make up for the lapse in fairness.  Make sure they get fair raises.  Pick jobs and activities where your efforts can help a minority leader look better in the eyes of the public.  Damage old boy networks.   Not only do you need to do this to get over your own biases, but you also need to do this to make up for the errors of your ancestors and the cluelessness of your white male peers.

Never believe that a minority can’t carry their wait.   A white male who can’t carry his weight always gets a free pass or two, so it is not going to hurt to assume the minority is competent.  If you make a mistake about someone’s role or skills because of their genetics and chromosomes, eat glass as punishment.  You’ll teach yourself not to make that mistake again.

Speaking of genetics, you might think the problem is over and done with because science has proved the differences between straight white males and everyone else is statistically irrelevant.   Actually, it only means you no longer have any excuses to be privileged.  It’s proof that something got broke a long time ago.  Despite the fact that everyone is equal in potential, regardless of gender or skin color, such arbitrary and irrelevant details distorts the successful pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.  How can you realize this, and not feel obligated to become a better man and do the bare minimum to make things right.

And for god damn sake, be polite.  Political correctness may be a straight jacket to you, but for everyone else its about being polite.  It’s not hard to change what you believe, and its not an onerous burden, because it is the truth.  In many ways its about becoming a better man.  If the world had no biases, negative stereo types, and racist misogynistic assholes, political correctness would just be every day normal behavior.  Become a part of the real world, the way it should be, not the delusion that you still live in.

Don’t do it because it is fair, do it because the future of the human race is at stake.  The bulk of the best brains on the planet can’t be shoved into dead end careers, unemployment, incarceration, and low skill professions.  You are the beneficiary of all that bleached out miasma of unfairness.

Man up my wretched albino brethren.  If the human race goes extinct, rest assured it is your fault.


About dakliegg

Internet researcher, theorist and architect. Women love me, men want to be me.
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