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Internet researcher, theorist and architect. Women love me, men want to be me.

Man Up White Boy

All too often, I’ll see a fellow straight white male make some misogynistic or racist comment.   In my circles, the comment is rarely extreme, and mostly just lame.  Things on the level of “That’s what she said” jokes, “there are … Continue reading

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We Are All Human Microphones

My comment to the blog post, “We Are All Human Microphones” by Richard Kim, Executive Editor, The Nation. It’s a very old media paradigm, word of mouth, and it is as human as it gets.  Humans embody a tension between … Continue reading

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From the Desk of the CEO

Hi everyone, its me Spaz, your favorite CEO and the guy who signs your checks, lol.  It’s a small office I know, and I’m sure you heard the whooping from Splat and me on the other side of the door.  … Continue reading

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Regarding the recent increase in hiring at Micramazoggle

Dear Associates, Some of those among us have been making noise about our recent spate of hiring.  Why, you ask, are we hiring during this jobless recovery when no one else is.  Why buck the trend?  Can’t we do what … Continue reading

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Da Kliegg Decends

Born in the quantum oscillations of a dark star, Da Kliegg decends to earth and takes root in the heart of a small, confused boy.

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